noviembre 06, 2013

My best friend

In my dreams he keeps visiting me like a shining star
To tell me he´s ok, and he´s having fun
To tell me not to worry about things, it shall all pass by
To tell me to take a breath and to keep my mind calm down
To give me a big hug for all the good old times

A year has gone by and he still remembers me
That perfect friend that will never let you down

I break into pieces since I don’t have you by my side
But remember that soon we´ll be together with a big smile

With tears of joy I write this down
Its 4:40AM and I´m dying to have you back

Thank you for believing in me in my darkest time
You are truly a friend for a whole life time

I must go back to my dream right now
Where we are together you and I

Thank you and I´ll see you soon,

The best friend of my life.

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