noviembre 05, 2013


It's cold... you get chills all over your back... 

"Open your eyes..." almost like a whisper carried by the wind. 

You open them slowly, taking your Time, not abruptly regardless of the fact that there should be no one but you in the house.

You have this urgent feeling of looking outside, but... why? What is it that is pushing you so bad to look outside your bedroom window? You know you never do it...

-"Because you are scared of what you might see..."

-"What?"- You said turning around trying to gasp sense among the darkness. 

Did you really hear that? Or do you think you did? Is your mind playing games on you? Nah, it's late and remember you are very tired. What Time is it anyway? 


Is it too early? Is it too late? Check your phone. But where is it? Probably just laying somewhere on the floor. Check your computer. But where is it?

Where is it?
My computer.
Where is it?
Where are you?

You get to the window and stay there breathless, speechless. Looking into the void with and your eyes lost in all that beautiful yet mysterious green reflection. 

How long has it been? 

Like if the world was just consumed by Time. What used to be your messy garden, your red brick wall, your black garage door, is now all green, old, destroyed, corrupted by nature. There's no door anymore, there's only half the wall of now green bricks. There's only dust of what it used to be. It's almost like if you were somewhere else, not the place that you used to know. 

Dizziness, loneliness, sadness. 

-"What is this? Am I dead?"- You ask to no one.

-"I don't know... are you?"- Said the whisper in your ear, in your head...

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